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Related post: liferative and cytotoxic responses suggesting that such treatment eliminated suppressor T cells . We are also studying the mechanism of fibroblast activation in cell mediated disorders. Here Order Aralen allogeneic mixed lymphocyte reactions are being generated, supernatants from this reaction are capable of inducing fibroblast proliferation. This may be the in vitro counterpart Chloroquine Aralen of the scleroderma like syndrome observed in chronic graft versus host disease . A B cell leukemia (LpC) of inbred strain 2 guinea pigs is being investigated as a model of human leukemia. The chemical nature of the tumor spec ific transplan- tation antigen investigated by immunization protection tests in syngeneic animal^ PHS-6040 (Rev. 10-76) ZOl-AI -00148-05, LI Project Description The autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction Buy Aralen Online (AMLR) is the in vitro proli- feration that occurs when T lymphocytes are co-cultured with irradiated syngeneic non-T cells. This reaction has been shown to have immunological specificity and memory. In humans the AMLR has been shown to be absent in several diseases including the auto-immune disease lupus erythematosus (SLE). There is also evidence that the T lymphocyte that proliferates in the AMLR may act as a cell which suppresses the immune response. Since the AMLR may have important immunological significance a number of studies are being per- formed to further analyze this phenomenon. Objectives : A) Study of the AMLR in strains of mice that have autoimmune disease. Methods Employed : T cells obtained from lymph nodes were Aralen Phosphate used as the responding cells and syngeneic irradiated peritoneal exudate cells were used as the stimulator cell population. The proliferation Aralen Online was measured by H thymidine incorporation at 5-6 days. Three strains of mice with autoimmune disease were examined. Major Findings : The data obtained demonstrates that the AMLR is present in young mice of these three strains but is greatly reduced in their older counterparts. We have determined from reciprocal mixing experiments that the defect in the older mice resides in the responder cell population and is probably not the result of an active suppression of that population. We have also defined the pheno- type of the responding cells and have identified some of the surface charac- teristics of the stimulating cells in the AMLR of (NZB x NZW)Fj mice. Objectives : B) Examination of the specificity of the AMLR . Methods Employed : The autoreactive T cells will be cloned using techniques developed by B. Sredni. T cells are first stimulated in an AMLR by non T cells, isolated and cloned Aralen Cost in soft agar and then grown up in liquid culture (with the help of T cell growth factors). These clones of T cells can then be tested for their ability to respond to syngeneic stimulating cells, allogeneic stimulating cells, as well as different protein antigens. The cells proliferating in an AMLR can also be selectively eliminated by treatment with BuDR and light and the function of the remaining cells can be examined. In a related study the concept being examined is that the AMLR reflects an interaction of self with self and that this reaction requires previous learning in the Buy Cheap Aralen thymus of the sort described by Zinkernagel and others. Thus one would predict that F, cells educated in a chimeric mouse bearing a thymus of one parent might no longer "recognize" in an AMLR, a stimulator cell 22-30 ZOl-AI-00148-05 LI belonging to the non-thymic parent. Preliminary experiments suggest that this is the case and should allow us to identify the nature of the stimulat- ing antigen by using recombinant inbred strains. Major Findings : The T cell responding in the AMLR can be eliminated with BuDR and light treatment; this results in the elimination Buy Aralen of the response to the foreign antigen PPD but not the response to allogeneic stimulator cells or mitogens. Significance to Biomedical Reaearch : The autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction may be a manifestation of an important immunoregulatory mechanism. The selective loss of the AMLR but not the allogeneic MLR in SLE, Hodgkins disease and primary biliary cirrhosis (in whom a loss of suppressor T cells is also observed) may be an important new clue as to the etiology of certain human autoimmune diseases. The loss of the AMLR in the mouse Aralen Price models of human autoimmune diseases is highly provocative and also allows a sophisticated examination of the nature of this defect in autoimmune disease. Pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Objective : Analysis of the Cellular Immune Defects in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus . Methods Employed : Peripheral lymphocytes and plasma from patients with SLE, as well as those of normal subjects are used. For separation of T cells, Ficoll-Hypaque gradient techniques are used after rosetting with sheep red blood cells. Fc-receptor bearing T cells (T cells) are separated by rosetting with IgG antibody coated ox red blood cells. Trinitrophenyl sulfonic acid (TNPBS) is used to modify the surface of autologous cells. After cultivation of T Order Aralen Online cells or non-T-cells with autologous TNP-inodified cells, their proliferative and cytotoxic activitites are measured by H- thymidine uptake and Cr release from TNP-modified autologous cells, respectively. The ability of lymphocytes from patients with SLE to perform these functions were compared to lymphocytes from normal individuals. In another study plasma from patients with SLE were tested for their ability to mediate antibody dependent Aralen Tablets cell mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) against normal T cells. Effector and non-T-cells were obtained from normal individuals as Purchase Aralen Online well as from patients with SLE. The reason for doing this study was because patients with active systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) often have circulating antibodies to T cells. These patients also often have leukopenia and diminished numbers of T lymphocytes. Purchase Aralen In addition,
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